Oc ye nechca...

I gotta pretty little mouth underneath all the foaming.

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The Gods Have Smiled Fortune Upon Me!
I just found a deer hide in my back yard. Looks like some poor bugger was scared right out of it's skin! Got to go pick up salt and get it stretched out. Crazy.

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hey maybe you can help me, since you are crafty and excited about a deer hide in your yard. i'm looking for skulls...small animal skulls i guess, for a craft project. there are things on ebay but i'm looking for cheap and don't want to pay ridiculous ebay shipping fees. any idea where i could look?

What size, quality, and quantity? Mouse is around an inch, raccoon 3", deer 10" to 12". You need them whole, partial, mummified (I've got a mummified cat head that you might like).
There's a few LJ communities where people sell animal parts here and there, FurHideandBones is the first one I'd check
There's a fossil shop out in hamburg on 5, ask them.

Honestly, looking at ebay, you won't find better prices.

awesome thanks! I ideally want to create something like medical specimens, skulls in jars. Organs in jars gets a little too gross but I saw on tv a store in LA that sells basically skulls in jars and other creepy taxidermy things, so different sizes are fine as long as i can find jars to fit them in. Deer is probably too big. I'm envisioning about 5 jars with different size things in them, so I'll keep an eye out on ebay if you think they had good prices. cool cool

oh, I almost forgot. For that info, probably best to contact the EPA directly.

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