Oc ye nechca...

I gotta pretty little mouth underneath all the foaming.

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I got me some treasure!

Gem show today was all sorts of fun, got some real nice flat trilobites for jewelery making, some ammonites as usual, a few clusters of mixed minerals including baryte and creedite along with bits of quartz, fluorite, pyrite, and other neat stuff. Two cut citrines, a large aragonite, a curled up triolobite, some rough yellow flourite and a few other neat bits.

Since I've managed to escape with money in my pocket, there's a good chance I'm going to pick up a new orchid this week.

Still peeing blood.

Still pretty out of it.

Going to sign off and get high so I won't feel so much pain.

Gem show! Woot!

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ooo!!! all of these stones, how beautiful!
my "mother-in-law" is a very succesful jeweler and it is amazing how much energy is in her studio from all of the different stones.

i purchased for her some big ass chunks of jade in guatemala and the cut pieces came out wonderful.

kidney stones suck. i used to have patients with them all the time. stay strong!

If she has any old equipment she would like to sell, I'm always looking. It's hard to get used equipment and new is expensive. If she does, I'd be willing to include some origami in your fee.

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