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pcp or sugar
So I found someone on ebay selling lots of orchids at an excellent price, especially if they are as large as he is implying. I've got kumquat seeds in the ground. The avocado experiments aren't doing as good as I was hoping, better grow systems will be needed for successful mas germination.

I think I need the space to grow some small trees, mount orchids and air plants on them and let them grow together until secure. Put together an entire collection of plants into a single sculpture.

My pitcher plants are thriving. They were in poor shape when I brought them home, but a quick repotting and lots of clean water has pushed out ample new growth and today I noticed the one pitcher plant has a second plant forming off it's rhizonme around 2 inches away from the main plant. Maybe I'll luck out and this plant will spread even more and I'd have lots of these to play with. I'd sell them if I knew the buyer was going to take care of them, but I couldn't just put them on an open market.

Looks like the city is being forced to deal with chickens, things may resolve them selves soon. Hopefully for the best.

I can't believe I'm going to order 10 orchid plants, that's pretty crazy. But it will be well worth it, the price is so low. Maybe even use them in sculptures with my origami.

I need to get to the doctors tomorrow, my ride canceled and I need to get this thing out of me.


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