Oc ye nechca...

I gotta pretty little mouth underneath all the foaming.

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kitten spit
I recently realized I've never had fresh lychee fruits, what I thought were lychees were actually rambutans, same family, different genus. I really must remedy this situation.

What would REALLY make me happy would be a mangosteen. Considered the "Queen of Fruit" it is rumored that Queen Victoria once offered knighthood to anyone who was able to bring her a fresh mangosteen (they don't travel well). Supposedly there is a store in NYC that carries them at $45 a pound.

I'm a being of expensive tastes.

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omg i would love fresh mangosteen. Im planning on hitting up nyc next month, if you can shoot me some details maybe i can supply....

lychees are exquisite.

dont know what a mangosteen is but googlefu is about to reveal...

I am so addicted to the luscious Lychees. Our neighbor has a huge tree in his yard and he doesn't even like them, so I get all I can eat. Me and the birds fight for them. They'll be ripe in mid-June here.

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