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So that went better then I thought it would. I guess we'll just have to see what happens now. It's not going to be easy, I'm really going to have to do my best to keep a separation between Michelle and I, it's so easy to want to cuddle up and be playful and she lets me if not out right encourages it. Part of me thinks it'd be easier to get past things if I had someone else to play with or fall for, but that too seems like a can of worms best left for now. Not that I'm not going to try and date people.

Got my garden bed ready the other afternoon, as soon as the sun gets lower I'll be planting it up. Should be an exciting garden this year, the soil is so much better then last year now that I dumped a few hundred pounds of compost on it.

Blah, functionally broke till the end of the month. Got come cool stuff though. Steropticon viewer missing the clip (I can make my own) and a lamp oil powered 2 quart Samovar for tea. Now I'll never be with out hot tea again! Still need to test it out though, I still can't get to the wick, if there is one.

All sorts of new botanical experiments going on. Current growing list includes
seven species of orchids
sensitive plant Mimosa pudica
Venusian Fly Traps
two species of temperate pitcher plants, one tropical

Being planted today:
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

(few days later)

So all that got in, things are looking good so far. Decided to wait on the grains till it's a bit warmer. I'm still super crappy at getting started seeds to take, I'm not expecting much out of what I started a few months ago.

I'm seriously considering installing a minigreenhouse in the back yard for my carnivores and orchids. I don't know how to get them enough sun indoors right now. We've got huge sunlight in winter, but almost none now and I'm trying to move them around to keep them in the light. I still worry about possible vandals. We haven't had any problems yet, but a sealed dome may bring too much intention and I wouldn't take it very well if something happened to my valuable plants. Plus it will be a bit of a disruption in the yard.

Going to look for hanging vinyl shoe organizers next month, they might be the key to going vertical in my indoor space. Drainage and watering may be a bit of a challenge, but I don't see any other means of getting an indoor vegetable garden going otherwise. If I could get the money for lighting, I'd consider setting up a decent sized grow room in the basement for salad greens.

Maybe I'll get my act together and really build a good shelf system for the extra room and try and set up in there.

Well I'm an hour and a half late for a picnic, so I best get going.


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