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It has been an exhilarating two and a half weeks out at Brushwood. I had the easiest departure in eight years of going to festival, ready to go the night before, no stress at all. Sirius Rising has turned into an incredible weeklong ritual on a five year cycle, this year ending the Messenger cycle with the Dragon, starting off the next five years of elemental dragons.

I'm not even sure where to begin. I built a few domes, one of PVC, a more permanent one of wood, the latter I did all but three of the lashings on. I made new family, fell in love more then once, and once it was even reciprocal, created new space, new music, learned to play the didgeridoo, ate wonderful food, mourned the death of a friend, watched people for their first time really grasp why we rant and rave all year long.

It was wonderful not having any responsibilities other then my mindless work shift. I think I got more accomplished this year then last. I spent a good portion of the time lashing together a new Didge Dome. The first one was built eight years ago, top heavy and of poor quality wood, it was repaired four years ago and completely taken down last year. This new one is going to be there for a good long time before anything besides some minor tightening will be in order. I came to feel it was a lunar temple, as opposed to the solar temple of the Roundhouse. The structure just offers a better view of the night sky, where as the roundhouse is simply spectacular at sunrise. The people I got to work with there were awesome. I really felt like I was able to grow close to them, I suspect I'll be spending quite a bit of time there in the future. Like on Labor Day weekend, when we've got a gathering planned.

My mentor Ivan's dreams are finally being realized. I could go travel and work for him all next summer. We'd be putting on events with for all sorts of crazy people, we'd be developing sustainable refugee housing models, we'd be making real money. I guess I just miss the Ivan whose first lesson to me "Look in a mirror every morning and repeat 'I will not be a cult leader.'" I dig he's on top of the world, but he's loosing control of his ego, he reminded me A LOT like StarBurner. On the other hand, he's become hell bent on high speed evolution, and it's hard to say no to that. I'm going to have to write him a letter, see what he says. I'm going to be joining him either way, I'm liking the way my own plans for a circus are going, and being full time staff for Ivan would give us unlimited opportunities.

I feel in love with a woman I had unknowingly enchanted eight years ago. We'll start in the present day, as it makes a more dramatic telling.
She arrived in the middle of Sirius and I watched her at the Roundhouse. She had some of the most intense trance dancing I had ever seen, she was utterly gone from her flesh, that just moved and moved, hours on end. There was something about her I found irresistible, not just her quite attractive boyish figure and undefinable age, blended with a mysterious Arabian style, but the way she moved, it was just so novel. I watched her for a week, I couldn't talk to her at the Roundhouse, she hardly ever stopped moving, and I suspect wasn't in a particularly responsive state, and she had her kids with her during the day. Luckily for me, she called out to me while I was walking past the cafe. "You, did you give something to my kids eight years ago?" (NO way! Never touched nothing!) "Origami?" "Yeah!" So it seems it was their first year at Starwood and they had just gotten their site set up and were walking down electric row. They came across me, in costume, sitting in the Faerie Garden and I gave her four year old daughter an origami dragon. This was a really big deal for her and become part of their Starwood mythos, they spent seven more years looking for me before we crossed paths again.

Don't accept gifts from faeries! Make sure you explain such things to kids too!

So she had been watching me all week too, thinking the same things about me, as I was about her. We sat up and talked all night, she said in the morning she was going to call her husband and talk to him so she didn't get in trouble and turns out he was cool with things. Like my first festival love Ray, things were intense as all hell, there's nothing like meeting someone when your naked, when you start with nothing to hide, it all comes out. We were both broken wide open by the experience, changed us to the very core of our beings. I don't know what the future holds for the two of us, but the oceans of a thousand earths wouldn't quench the burning passion I feel for her. It's one of those weird relationships where you know there is no where else it would work, that the real world would crush it, but in that place out of time it will always burn. I can't wait to see her again in a few weeks. Departing was hard, we cried in my camper that morning, it was a hard goodbye. A little later I went to help her finish packing her car, and the tension was too much to bear, but we didn't want to do anything in front of her kids.

Wow, it's been a few weeks since I got home, and I'm still feeling everything. I've never felt so open, I feel a real love for the world and the people around me. I have to watch myself, I'm in many ways kind of vulnerable, I feel like I often wish to do rash things that would bother those around me and probably my self. :::Wicked grin:::

Got to go back last weekend for Dionysus, always a good time, though kind of lonely with no one else at my site. Brushwood is really awesome during the off season, when there's nothing to do but sit around and talk. It's when you really get to understand the place. Everyone is too busy during festival to sit still, you don't really get to meet them. I'm supposed to be going back out to help repair the Round House, maybe get that set up for the men's weekend in late September. Probably be doing some of it over Labor Day weekend.

Well I've got puppets to make.

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I have a comment to make about this but I'm too sick to articulate it properly. Please remind me at a future date.

sounds like an awesome time

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