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I found a new home, if only for two weekends a year. WildFire fire spinning retreat. From you're welcome home hug, to pie at every meal, it's possibly one of the coolest communities I've encountered. Total hug culture, great meals eaten together, complete trust (people leave their stuff where ever, no one is worried about theft), fire all night long... It's alike a younger, sexier, Brushwood, with fire instead of drumming.

The festival takes place at a boyscout camp. Boyscout camps all feel the same, the roads, the sites, the buildings, so being there brought back a lot of fond memories of my years at Schoellkopf. The platforms were still up, so I was able to set up my tent on a nice flat, non-wet surface, always a bonus. The dining hall housed the vendors (who let you play with their toys as long as you wanted to) and had two huge tables where all 300 of us could eat together. There was a lovely 3 sided porch which offered excellent rain protection. Did I mention pie with every meal?

The music was kinda lame. It seems that there's a good portion of the spinning community that really dislikes live drums, so the drumming was held off the main field and I totally missed it. The DJ COULD have been worse, I'm just not that into techno I guess.

There were SO many cool toys, giant battle ax, poi the size of basketballs, flaming puppets, fiery stilts all sorts of fans (though mine were the biggest and heaviest, and my collapsing fans drew all sorts of interest), a parasol that wasn't much less then an bonfire on a stick. What was so amazing, is that people by and large left their toys out, so you could just go up and try them out (unlit), and if you asked someone, they'd almost always let you burn them, other then the few things that were actually dangerous, my collapsing fans included)

It's been a month and I still feel the same way, I can't wait till June

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Dude, you NEED to go to Burning Man. Just sayin.

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