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Oc ye nechca...

I gotta pretty little mouth underneath all the foaming.

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I work on a drug use harm-reduction forum, where people can ask all sorts of question on drugs. Sometimes we get some pretty ridiculous questions... I can promise you that lie you were told as a kid "there's no such thing as a stupid question." Was a lie.

Here is one such stupid question: (note, I edited the pronouns for ease of readability

my friend was telling me a story about how him and his friends were smoking pot the other day. He told me that one of his friends shotguned him a hit. He ensured me that it wasn't gay because his friend hit the blunt then blew the smoke into my friend's mouth without their lips touching. I told him that I don't care if their lips didn't touch the fact that one guy blew smoke into another guy's mouth, regardless of what they were trying to do, it was gay. What do you think? Was it gay of him to have another guy blow smoke into his mouth? Or Was it completely straight because he was trying to get high?

Here is my answer:

That is exactly, how the Doktor, ended up as queer as a three dollar bill. Next thing they know it's nothing but blowing coke off of dicks and going down on them in bathrooms, with in a year, it was like, all gay sex all the time. The Doktor thought they were lost, until a chance meeting with a missionary from the Church of Satan, wherein the Doktor learned that the Dark Lord actively encourages "creative sexual practices", especially those where drugs are involved. Once rid of the christian guilt instilled as a result of growing up in America, the Doktor has reveled in a whole slew of unusual yet immensely satisfying practices including, but not limited to, Idolfallacio, Semen Snorting, The Chinese Butt Bender, and the dreaded Meth-Tickler, a form of sodomy so VILE that upon completion all Mormons with in the city limits pee themselves a little.*

This act, "The Shotgun" is one of the most effective recruiting techniques our agents have. First discovered by Dr. Sigmund Freud, when he realized that "a cigar is NEVER just a cigar", it's effectiveness lies in the hypnotic properties of the marijhuana smoke reinforcing the transference of the target's lust for the marijhuana, to the agent's deep, yet sparklingly sexy eyes and rugged good looks. Dr. Freud also pioneered the "line of coke off my dick" technique, but found it considerably more difficult to administer without raising suspicions before it's effects settled in. Personally the Doktor prefers the "Penis-Shaped-Pipe" technique, once a guy gets high as a result of resting their lips on a penis shaped object, their lust for man flesh becomes so overwhelming, even the most potent drugs will be ineffective to that person, unless administer vie a cock.

It's one of those paths, that once started, isn't really something you can back down from, it's like The Yellow Brick Road to Oz, except with more sodomy. You've got teh gays and there is nothing you can do about it. So you might as well embrace the Dark Lord Satan, join the Queers, Fags, and Other Sexual Deviants social group, develop a taste for dancing to house techno, and learn to appreciate brunch, because that's what you eat after a night of hot gay sex.

Either that, or you can check into one of those "Ex-gay clinics" and have them make you watch gay porn while tasering your nads, what ever floats your boat!

No matter what choice you make, it's going to be literal Ass-Loads of Fun!

But really, you needed to come on to teh internets to find out how gay your friend is because he got a shotgun? This sort of deviancy, characterized by the need to share humiliatingly erotic experiences with total strangers is a from of voyeurism, and a sure sign of lavender undertones to the psyche. It's good that you've got some gay friends now, to help show you the ropes. MMMMHHMMMM.... Bondage....:::drooling noise:::

Love sets Fire.

*One out of every three do so out of excitement, not shame.
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Visitors to Monticello don't learn how Jefferson cultivated poppies, and his personal opium use may as well never have happened.
March 3, 2010 |

The following is an excerpt from Jim Hogshire's "Opium for the Masses: Harvesting Nature's Best Pain Medication" (Feral House, 2009).

Thomas Jefferson was a drug criminal. But he managed to escape the terrible sword of justice by dying a century before the DEA was created. In 1987 agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency showed up at Monticello, Jefferson's famous estate.

Jefferson had planted opium poppies in his medicinal garden, and opium poppies are now deemed illegal. Now, the trouble was the folks at the Monticello Foundation, which preserves and maintains the historic site, were discovered flagrantly continuing Jefferson's crimes. The agents were blunt: The poppies had to be immediately uprooted and destroyed or else they were going to start making arrests, and Monticello Foundation personnel would perhaps face lengthy stretches in prison.

The story sounds stupid now, but it scared the hell out of the people at Monticello, who immediately started yanking the forbidden plants. A DEA man noticed the store was selling packets of "Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Poppies." The seeds had to go, too. While poppy seeds might be legal, it is never legal to plant them. Not for any reason.

Employees even gathered the store's souvenir T-shirts -- with silkscreened photos of Monticello poppies on the chest -- and burned them. Nobody told them to do this, but, under the circumstances, no one dared risk the threat.

Jefferson's poppies are gone without a trace now. Nobody said much at the time, nor are they saying much now. Visitors to Monticello don't learn how the Founding Father cultivated poppies for their opium. His personal opium use and poppy cultivation may as well never have happened.

The American War on Drugs started with opium and it continues today. Deception is key to this kind of social control, along with the usual threats of mayhem. Ever since the passage of the Harrison Act made opium America's first "illicit substance" in 1914, propaganda has proven itself most effective in the war on poppies. This has not been done so much by eradicating the poppy plant from the nation's soil as by eradicating the poppy from the nation's mind.

Prosecutions for crimes involving opium or opium poppies are rare. But that has less to do with the frequency of poppy crimes and everything to do with suppressing information about the opium poppy. A public trial might inadvertently publicize forbidden information at odds with the common spin about poppies and opium. This might pique interest in the taboo subject and, worse, undermine faith in the government.

The U.S. government strategy to create and enforce deliberate ignorance about opium, opium poppies, and everything connected with them has proven remarkably effective. The Monticello campaign exemplifies an effective tactic. The poppies were swiftly removed, and sotto voce threats ensured no one would talk about it afterward. Today, visitors to Monticello learn nothing about opium poppy cultivation or why Jefferson cultivated it in his garden.

Disinformation about poppies has been spread far and wide. Some of it is subtle, like when the New York Times talks about people growing "heroin poppies." Some misinformation is so bald-faced as to stun the listener into silence, as when a DEA agent tells a reporter that the process of getting opium from opium poppies is so complex and dangerous that "I don't even think a person with a Ph.D. could do it.

This enforced ignorance reduces the chances of anyone even accidentally discovering the truth about poppies. Poring through back issues of pharmaceutical industry news from Tasmania might yield a mother load of cutting edge poppy science -- from genetically altered poppies that ooze double-strength opium to state-of-the-art machines designed to manufacture "poppy straw concentrate." Tasmania's output meets roughly a third of the world's narcotic requirement. But how many people know that Tasmania is the home of the world's largest and most modern opium industry?

Opium and opium poppy ignorance is augmented by widespread false beliefs, chief among them that it is extremely difficult for opium poppies to grow anywhere in the United States. Opium poppies surely require exotic climates or special climatic conditions, don't they? They're found on remote mountainsides in the Golden Triangle and Afghanistan, where growing them is a secret art known only to a few indigenous people who jealously guard the seeds from hostile competitors.

These beliefs are all widely held, but entirely untrue. Opium poppies, in fact, grow nearly everywhere but the North and South Poles. The second prong of the strategy is the copious propaganda that demonizes opium, opium poppies and opiates. At times this demonization has been brazenly racist, catering to the xenophobic American mind at the beginning of the twentieth century. Later propaganda linked opium with the despised German "Hun" who ate babies and (as was reported) had been mixing narcotics into children's candy and women's face powder in a diabolical plot to weaken the nation from the inside. Later, Germans were replaced by communists, who also shipped narcotics to America's youth to weaken and enslave us. This was the authoritative word from Harry Anslinger, the infamous first Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics.

Another example of false history is the mythical "soldier's disease" or "army disease" that supposedly plagued the land after the Civil War. According to the story, opium and morphine were used so extensively during the war as a painkiller for wounded soldiers (especially amputees) that the inevitable result was opium and morphine addiction. As a result, crowds of broken-down men roamed the countryside, ramming themselves full of holes with their crude syringes, having been turned into dope slaves by the good intentions of doctors.

This perfect example of anti-drug propaganda sounds plausible enough that few ever question it. And it has endured long after researchers discovered that this mythical legend was purely invention.

There is no documentation of any mass opiate addiction after the Civil War. The term "soldier's disease" or its variants did not appear in literature until decades later. Yet the story fits the officially approved stereotype by portraying opium and morphine as so powerful and addictive that they could rob anyone's soul.

If you knew that opium poppies do not grow in the U.S., you would not recognize an opium poppy even if you were staring directly at it. So, the idea of making opium tea from a bunch of dried decorative flowers purchased at K-Mart is ridiculous -- absurd, really. If it were that easy, wouldn't everyone be doing it?

Perhaps. But the establishment prefers to not test it. The idea of an individual having control over one's own life, especially regarding pain relief, is far too democratic to be embraced by tyrants.

The government and its allies in the narco-military complex have gone to great lengths to set things up as they are, and not allow a shift in control would affect licit or illicit sales of narcotics, poppy seeds, and any products derived from Papaver somniferum. In a market the size of America, nothing is too insignificant to generate huge sums of money. And the opium poppy is hardly insignificant.

Did you see Where the Wild Things Are?
If not, why aren't you going to go see it RIGHT NOW?

The only thing I saw about it was a bit of an interview with Maurice, seeing how elated he was, was enough to convince me to go. I really had no idea what I was in for. I had no idea I was going to cry through out this movie.

This is not an easy movie, it's not really meant for kids. It's about a child coming to terms with the fact that we live in difficult world that rarely goes the way you want it to. This is not an easy lesson for a child, it's not an easy thing for an adult to be reminded of.

Desolate, grey sets, emotionally unstable monsters dealing with complex interpersonal relationships, awkwardly uncomfortable music, grim moments foreshadowing real violence, there's nothing really comforting to grasp a hold of for more then a scene or two. Even some of the more touching moments are marred by the monsters, monstrousness.

11 pages of script for every sentence of the original book, that's no small feat. The seamless blending of puppets, animatronics, and CGI, create truly emotional monsters capable of a wide range of feelings, true actors. The sets are simply epic, vast forests, deserts, and arcology like structures. It's like nothing I've ever seen before.

This is one of those films to be seen on the big screen, it's one of those films everyone needs to see. Make sure to bring some tissues and someone to hold your hand. I'm not kidding.

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I found a new home, if only for two weekends a year. WildFire fire spinning retreat. From you're welcome home hug, to pie at every meal, it's possibly one of the coolest communities I've encountered. Total hug culture, great meals eaten together, complete trust (people leave their stuff where ever, no one is worried about theft), fire all night long... It's alike a younger, sexier, Brushwood, with fire instead of drumming.

The festival takes place at a boyscout camp. Boyscout camps all feel the same, the roads, the sites, the buildings, so being there brought back a lot of fond memories of my years at Schoellkopf. The platforms were still up, so I was able to set up my tent on a nice flat, non-wet surface, always a bonus. The dining hall housed the vendors (who let you play with their toys as long as you wanted to) and had two huge tables where all 300 of us could eat together. There was a lovely 3 sided porch which offered excellent rain protection. Did I mention pie with every meal?

The music was kinda lame. It seems that there's a good portion of the spinning community that really dislikes live drums, so the drumming was held off the main field and I totally missed it. The DJ COULD have been worse, I'm just not that into techno I guess.

There were SO many cool toys, giant battle ax, poi the size of basketballs, flaming puppets, fiery stilts all sorts of fans (though mine were the biggest and heaviest, and my collapsing fans drew all sorts of interest), a parasol that wasn't much less then an bonfire on a stick. What was so amazing, is that people by and large left their toys out, so you could just go up and try them out (unlit), and if you asked someone, they'd almost always let you burn them, other then the few things that were actually dangerous, my collapsing fans included)

It's been a month and I still feel the same way, I can't wait till June

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It has been an exhilarating two and a half weeks out at Brushwood. I had the easiest departure in eight years of going to festival, ready to go the night before, no stress at all. Sirius Rising has turned into an incredible weeklong ritual on a five year cycle, this year ending the Messenger cycle with the Dragon, starting off the next five years of elemental dragons.

I'm not even sure where to begin. I built a few domes, one of PVC, a more permanent one of wood, the latter I did all but three of the lashings on. I made new family, fell in love more then once, and once it was even reciprocal, created new space, new music, learned to play the didgeridoo, ate wonderful food, mourned the death of a friend, watched people for their first time really grasp why we rant and rave all year long.

It was wonderful not having any responsibilities other then my mindless work shift. I think I got more accomplished this year then last. I spent a good portion of the time lashing together a new Didge Dome. The first one was built eight years ago, top heavy and of poor quality wood, it was repaired four years ago and completely taken down last year. This new one is going to be there for a good long time before anything besides some minor tightening will be in order. I came to feel it was a lunar temple, as opposed to the solar temple of the Roundhouse. The structure just offers a better view of the night sky, where as the roundhouse is simply spectacular at sunrise. The people I got to work with there were awesome. I really felt like I was able to grow close to them, I suspect I'll be spending quite a bit of time there in the future. Like on Labor Day weekend, when we've got a gathering planned.

My mentor Ivan's dreams are finally being realized. I could go travel and work for him all next summer. We'd be putting on events with for all sorts of crazy people, we'd be developing sustainable refugee housing models, we'd be making real money. I guess I just miss the Ivan whose first lesson to me "Look in a mirror every morning and repeat 'I will not be a cult leader.'" I dig he's on top of the world, but he's loosing control of his ego, he reminded me A LOT like StarBurner. On the other hand, he's become hell bent on high speed evolution, and it's hard to say no to that. I'm going to have to write him a letter, see what he says. I'm going to be joining him either way, I'm liking the way my own plans for a circus are going, and being full time staff for Ivan would give us unlimited opportunities.

I feel in love with a woman I had unknowingly enchanted eight years ago. We'll start in the present day, as it makes a more dramatic telling.
She arrived in the middle of Sirius and I watched her at the Roundhouse. She had some of the most intense trance dancing I had ever seen, she was utterly gone from her flesh, that just moved and moved, hours on end. There was something about her I found irresistible, not just her quite attractive boyish figure and undefinable age, blended with a mysterious Arabian style, but the way she moved, it was just so novel. I watched her for a week, I couldn't talk to her at the Roundhouse, she hardly ever stopped moving, and I suspect wasn't in a particularly responsive state, and she had her kids with her during the day. Luckily for me, she called out to me while I was walking past the cafe. "You, did you give something to my kids eight years ago?" (NO way! Never touched nothing!) "Origami?" "Yeah!" So it seems it was their first year at Starwood and they had just gotten their site set up and were walking down electric row. They came across me, in costume, sitting in the Faerie Garden and I gave her four year old daughter an origami dragon. This was a really big deal for her and become part of their Starwood mythos, they spent seven more years looking for me before we crossed paths again.

Don't accept gifts from faeries! Make sure you explain such things to kids too!

So she had been watching me all week too, thinking the same things about me, as I was about her. We sat up and talked all night, she said in the morning she was going to call her husband and talk to him so she didn't get in trouble and turns out he was cool with things. Like my first festival love Ray, things were intense as all hell, there's nothing like meeting someone when your naked, when you start with nothing to hide, it all comes out. We were both broken wide open by the experience, changed us to the very core of our beings. I don't know what the future holds for the two of us, but the oceans of a thousand earths wouldn't quench the burning passion I feel for her. It's one of those weird relationships where you know there is no where else it would work, that the real world would crush it, but in that place out of time it will always burn. I can't wait to see her again in a few weeks. Departing was hard, we cried in my camper that morning, it was a hard goodbye. A little later I went to help her finish packing her car, and the tension was too much to bear, but we didn't want to do anything in front of her kids.

Wow, it's been a few weeks since I got home, and I'm still feeling everything. I've never felt so open, I feel a real love for the world and the people around me. I have to watch myself, I'm in many ways kind of vulnerable, I feel like I often wish to do rash things that would bother those around me and probably my self. :::Wicked grin:::

Got to go back last weekend for Dionysus, always a good time, though kind of lonely with no one else at my site. Brushwood is really awesome during the off season, when there's nothing to do but sit around and talk. It's when you really get to understand the place. Everyone is too busy during festival to sit still, you don't really get to meet them. I'm supposed to be going back out to help repair the Round House, maybe get that set up for the men's weekend in late September. Probably be doing some of it over Labor Day weekend.

Well I've got puppets to make.

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I leave for 2+ weeks at Brushwood tomorrow morning. I'm over packed for my ride, and still don't have everything I want ready. Still, I'm so calm and relaxed compared to most years.

I really need this, house tension is getting to be too much, I wish I could live alone, this is getting to be too much.

I have hobbies!
So I saw an ant running around and was thinking it'd be fun to feed it to one of my plants. It was too quick for the Venusian fly trap, but when I dropped it into the pitcher of my Sarracenia purea it couldn't get a grip on the sides, struggled a bit then turned around and tried to go down to escape, minutes later it was totally still, either dead or paralyzed!

<url="http://www.jstor.org/pss/2446558">When I looked into what caused this, I found this artical</url>, that says the rate of ant capture is .37% A THIRD of ONE PERCENT!!! That ant just curled up and died! I wonder could this plant be producing novel substances?

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So that went better then I thought it would. I guess we'll just have to see what happens now. It's not going to be easy, I'm really going to have to do my best to keep a separation between Michelle and I, it's so easy to want to cuddle up and be playful and she lets me if not out right encourages it. Part of me thinks it'd be easier to get past things if I had someone else to play with or fall for, but that too seems like a can of worms best left for now. Not that I'm not going to try and date people.

Got my garden bed ready the other afternoon, as soon as the sun gets lower I'll be planting it up. Should be an exciting garden this year, the soil is so much better then last year now that I dumped a few hundred pounds of compost on it.

Blah, functionally broke till the end of the month. Got come cool stuff though. Steropticon viewer missing the clip (I can make my own) and a lamp oil powered 2 quart Samovar for tea. Now I'll never be with out hot tea again! Still need to test it out though, I still can't get to the wick, if there is one.

All sorts of new botanical experiments going on. Current growing list includes
seven species of orchids
sensitive plant Mimosa pudica
Venusian Fly Traps
two species of temperate pitcher plants, one tropical

Being planted today:
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

(few days later)

So all that got in, things are looking good so far. Decided to wait on the grains till it's a bit warmer. I'm still super crappy at getting started seeds to take, I'm not expecting much out of what I started a few months ago.

I'm seriously considering installing a minigreenhouse in the back yard for my carnivores and orchids. I don't know how to get them enough sun indoors right now. We've got huge sunlight in winter, but almost none now and I'm trying to move them around to keep them in the light. I still worry about possible vandals. We haven't had any problems yet, but a sealed dome may bring too much intention and I wouldn't take it very well if something happened to my valuable plants. Plus it will be a bit of a disruption in the yard.

Going to look for hanging vinyl shoe organizers next month, they might be the key to going vertical in my indoor space. Drainage and watering may be a bit of a challenge, but I don't see any other means of getting an indoor vegetable garden going otherwise. If I could get the money for lighting, I'd consider setting up a decent sized grow room in the basement for salad greens.

Maybe I'll get my act together and really build a good shelf system for the extra room and try and set up in there.

Well I'm an hour and a half late for a picnic, so I best get going.

New House Name!
The Dreaming House! It's where we live and where we play.

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So when Michelle gets home I suspect we'll have a fight. I want her to leave, I can't do this whole living together and just being friends thing and it's clear she has no intentions of fixing our relationship. I can't leave here, I'd loose all my art, my workshop, everything I've worked so hard on in the past ten years. There just isn't a chance I'll find another place big enough that I can afford. She doesn't want to leave because she's stubborn.

It's for the best. I need to be with an adult. I've had some bad fights with lovers before, but never with someone so cruel. Not content to fight over a subject at hand, she does her best to belittle me, to twist my insecurities, her maliciousness knows no bounds. A few weeks ago she tried to goad me into hitting her, she deserved it for sure, but I'm better then that.

I don't think I've ever regretted a relationship so much. I don't know what I was thinking when I asked her to live with me. That was damn stupid.

So last night I asked her if she could make some time to talk in the next few days and she tried to blow me off, I told her she didn't get a choice in it. She kept insisting I tell her why, there were guests over and I didn't want another public fight. She kept demanding to know so I told her I wanted her to leave and of course she flipped out.

I don't think tonight is going to be any better. At least now I have no lingering interest in even continuing our friendship.

I'm pretty messed up over this. I really wish I could run away for a few weeks.

Beltane Bonfire!
We've been tilling our soil, so come help us make it fertile! We'll be burning all night, so bring something to burn and something to pass and we'll supply the rest.

It's going to be a beautiful warm night what not a better way to enjoy it then with the company of new friends around a baleful fire. We'll have things set up by 8 and will probably start the burn around 10. Give me a call at 875.0791 if you have nay questions.

Our moon parties have been erratic but I swear that we'll be back in full swing for the summer.

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kitten spit
I recently realized I've never had fresh lychee fruits, what I thought were lychees were actually rambutans, same family, different genus. I really must remedy this situation.

What would REALLY make me happy would be a mangosteen. Considered the "Queen of Fruit" it is rumored that Queen Victoria once offered knighthood to anyone who was able to bring her a fresh mangosteen (they don't travel well). Supposedly there is a store in NYC that carries them at $45 a pound.

I'm a being of expensive tastes.

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pcp or sugar
So I found someone on ebay selling lots of orchids at an excellent price, especially if they are as large as he is implying. I've got kumquat seeds in the ground. The avocado experiments aren't doing as good as I was hoping, better grow systems will be needed for successful mas germination.

I think I need the space to grow some small trees, mount orchids and air plants on them and let them grow together until secure. Put together an entire collection of plants into a single sculpture.

My pitcher plants are thriving. They were in poor shape when I brought them home, but a quick repotting and lots of clean water has pushed out ample new growth and today I noticed the one pitcher plant has a second plant forming off it's rhizonme around 2 inches away from the main plant. Maybe I'll luck out and this plant will spread even more and I'd have lots of these to play with. I'd sell them if I knew the buyer was going to take care of them, but I couldn't just put them on an open market.

Looks like the city is being forced to deal with chickens, things may resolve them selves soon. Hopefully for the best.

I can't believe I'm going to order 10 orchid plants, that's pretty crazy. But it will be well worth it, the price is so low. Maybe even use them in sculptures with my origami.

I need to get to the doctors tomorrow, my ride canceled and I need to get this thing out of me.

(no subject)
I got me some treasure!

Gem show today was all sorts of fun, got some real nice flat trilobites for jewelery making, some ammonites as usual, a few clusters of mixed minerals including baryte and creedite along with bits of quartz, fluorite, pyrite, and other neat stuff. Two cut citrines, a large aragonite, a curled up triolobite, some rough yellow flourite and a few other neat bits.

Since I've managed to escape with money in my pocket, there's a good chance I'm going to pick up a new orchid this week.

Still peeing blood.

Still pretty out of it.

Going to sign off and get high so I won't feel so much pain.

Gem show! Woot!

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I had a 7mm. stoner half way to my bladder and it wasn't going anywhere, so they blasted it with sound and vaped it with lasers, it was like a tiny, dangeorus, rock concert in my pee hole.

I recently went back and read the second half of this journal, it was pretty incredible, I don't go reccomending it frankly, but it was really amazing to be able to go and see what I've been doing for the last few years. I'm kind of annoyed that LJ seems to cut to a day by day view after going back 500 entries. This makes the first half a pain to access. If anyone knows how to circumvent that... then again, maybe it's for the best.

I've got a couple of neat projects going, feeling a bit more enthusiastic with the approaching spring. Very excited about out garden this year, we'll be doing a long row of corn and another of sunflowers on the parkinglot side of the yeard. Offer us some privacy.

So Michelle's been seeing someone else, I knew she was and wasn't bothered by it, I've had my own eyes on someone for a while too. We're in love, but we don't have a life in the bedroom. Part of me is leary about the situation, maybe it's because it didn't work the first time years ago. Of course that was a differnet relationship, A~ and I were a lot less stable. I think I'm pretty comfortable to this relationship setup, it's unconventional, but does't seem like it could go really bad. I'm dissapointed still, I mean everything we have is pretty fantastic, other then some sort of lack of chemistry. I frankly have a hard time understanding it from her point of view, but what can I do? She has been upfront and honest, not to mention easy as hell to read, I think we can both handle living together and seeing other people, possibly creating some strange little family. We've talked of collective living to some degree, I could forsee something forming down the lines. I don't know what the future will bring, but I've got it pretty good right now.

We'll be throwing our fist bonfire of the year for the upcoming Equinox! That'll be Friday the 21st, 9pm. I'll post updates if there's anything exciting planned.

Writing a harm reduction guide to taking stimulants especially in concern to their use as study aids. If anyone thinks they'd like to contribute, leave me a note and I can give you some ideas of what I'm looking for.

Probably should take the salt off of the deer hide and scrape it down, ready it for tanning.

And I should make some sake for the bonfire.

And I should make some mens hat pins

and so many other things.

Probably aught to ask Michelle how she's defined our realtionship to her other boy. That would seem to be a smart idea.

But for now I should go tidy up the kitchen and fold some bugs. Going to need to build a table in the attic this week, something big to lay projects out as I'm working on them, especially origami, I can't keep it in piles around the house like this anymore.

I need more and different furniture. I've got stuff I'm willing to trade. Talk to me in person.

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kitten spit
And I said to the Master:

What is the nature of Cat, sir?

and he said to me:

Watch and see,

watch and see

The Gods Have Smiled Fortune Upon Me!
I just found a deer hide in my back yard. Looks like some poor bugger was scared right out of it's skin! Got to go pick up salt and get it stretched out. Crazy.

Want some cool stuff?
The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice. For you.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
- What I create will be just for you.
- It'll be done this year. (might be a little while)
- You have no clue what it's going to be. It may be a story. It may be poetry. I may draw or paint something. I may bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!
- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you have to repost. We can all make stuff!!

(no subject)
I knew this was going to happen, just wish she hadn't been such a jerk about it.

I knew she wanted to see other people, if she had called and said she was going out alone, I wouldn't have cared, but she called and said "you sound sad today, I'll be coming directly home", then doesn't show till 3am...It was just disrespectful.

I don't really want to date right now, it seems like too much work. Would like to have a playmate, maybe. Do need to get out of the house more often.

Been expanding my indoor garden for the past few days. Getting supplies together and repotting, redistributing plants to offer them better conditions. Got a multi shelf portable greenhouse thing, should help keep my tropicals in better shape. Found a place that carries carnivores, going to have to look into bog building.

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My phone is sucking, you can't really get a hold of us.

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My god, I'm such a doofus! I've been making chicha, a Central American booze of chewed corn, and couldn't find it this evening. I keep seeing a gallon jar I'm not exactly sure where it came from, I thought we were out. Michelle (and just about everyone else) thinks the stuff is gross, and I keep thinking Michelle threw out my project. I'm looking all over the bloody house... it was in the oven. I put it there last night to get the yeast going and speed the process up. I'm so glad Michelle didn't get home earlier, I was fuming, would have been bad, bad and stupid.

Got ton's of buffalo steaks from Wegmans, they be damn tasty!

With luck my step-brother loads me up with tasty venison for Christmas.

My awesome little orchid

Oncidium Twinkle Fragrance Fantasy!

Not kidding, that's what they are called.

The smell very pretty, but subtle. I've been lusting after these plants for two years now, but wanted to wait until I had a secure, stable grow room, which I do now. Never owned an orchid before, hope I can keep this one alive. From what I'm reading, that shouldn't be too hard, it is a hardy strain, comfortable in the same temperature range Michelle and I live in. Keep it moist and out of direct sun, I aught be a proud parent. Might need to go on a crime spree to afford a good water filter system, we'll see.

In other news, I've hear a local wetland is due for destruction, so a friend is assembling a raiding party to find and save plants. Might be a chance to find local orchids! That would be incredible, I mean the authorities would be hard pressed to charge us with endangered plants when a bulldozer is coming towards them. Even if we don't find anything too valuable, there's lots of fruit bushes to be moved to safer pastures.

Makes me wish I could find some landmines to leave behind, and a hitman to take out the fucker who allowed "protected land" to be paved.

Michelle makes me feel so wonderful, this winter won't be so bad with her to keep me warm. I'm in a lot of love.

Making malt out of quinoa, after that, beer. If it works, it'll be super nutritious, we'll see in a while. Poppy beer is also on the list. Been turned on to the amazing potency of poppy seeds, no opiates in the seeds my ass! Alas, a half pound of seeds yields two, one quart doses, bit of a pain, though cheap. The seeds left in water for a few days start to ferment rather fast, seems they have their own yeast. Stands to reason that a beer made from the seeds aught be rather potent. Ginger, limes, maybe grapefruit, and brown sugar, will round out the beverage. Not so much a night of drinking booze, as a single glass to get ya high booze. With any luck I'll have a "laudanum" recipe to go alongside my Miracle Elixir.

Happy Thanksgiving! Brought to you by Rick Astely and Uncle Bill...

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pcp or sugar
Got out to do some mushroom hunting today, the Slippery Jacks Suillus luteus, were up in Delaware park along side some little black capped species, might be Tricholoma saponaceum var. ardosiaceum or maybe Hygrophorus camarophyllus, there isn't a whole lot to differentiate the two (well one is edible, other inedible)

There's a huge Ink Cap Coprinus sp. bloom across the street at Wegmans, but they aren't shaggys so there's a huge risk of coprine poisoning with that genus, plus Wegmans sprays the hell out of their lawn. Trying to ID a smallish white mushroom growing there too, but no real luck yet.

The willow tree near the water lost a huge Dryad's Saddle Polyporus squamosus luckily I got to it before it went bad, so we'll cook that up for tomorrow nights dinner. Dryad's saddle is weird, mostly listed as not worth eating or inedible, it's got a wonderful meaty texture and while it does get chewy towards the center (like a tire), their size more then makes up for it, and when their young, utterly delightful. Seems like the Pear Shaped Puffballs Lycoperdon pyriforme at the tree's base put out another small bloom, didn't see them earlier in the season till they were spent, so that was a nice treat.

Got the last pieces of a Lion's head Hericium coralloides from a stump, possibly one of the tastiest fungi yet. taste and texture reminiscent of lobster I tell you. Michelle didn't really dig it, but that's all the more from me.

She's making cute sleepy noises inside.

So I'm at the point where I need to start assembling a proper notebook on our mushroom identification work. I've yet to find any sort or area survey and if there isn't one, well it would be a fine project to publish. It's going to be infuriating work, IDing these things is crazy complex, there's untold numbers of undifferentiated species in America, and a lot of debate on using Old World identification here. Luckily we've got our hands on some wonderful books to start and all the time in the world.

Well I've got a Full Moon Party tonight and I still want to go out to Forest Lawn for more hunting so I best be to bed.

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Is that really the new fucking info page??? What a piece of awkward shit.

Introducing Admiral Twinkey Marzipan!

She was a scrawny little stray we lured in with chicken last spring. She settled in nicely, recently her and Joy have even been playing a bit. Twinkey likes spending her days on the back poarch, licking Michelle's nose in the mornings, bellyrubs, things that are thrown a goodly distance, and lots of sleeping.


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lost heart
Been trying to install two hanging lights into our house. I want these things hardwired with their own switch, so when I come in the door I can turn them right on. It seemed like an easy thing to do, drill holes and run wires connecting them together, feed a bit of wire over towards the door, catch it at the hall light and hook it in from there. Yeah right. So then I'm like "Well I'll just drop some line down and see where it hits in the basement and run a new circuit. Seems there is no hole in the wall to the basement. I'll get this, I swear to god.

I'd kill for a finer optic camera right now.

I've got to say, I do love the old voting machines we have in NY. All levers and metal, not a single hackable circuit in them. I mean sure, you could drag your deference engine in, hook up a few slidrules and maybe you'd get to the guts, but people would notice. My vote counted today, did yours?

Admiral Twinky Marzipan has taken to waking Michelle up in the mornings for work. Right about 7am before the alarm goes off, she comes in and licks her nose to remind Michelle it is time to wake up for work, then promptly goes back to her own sleeping spot. Doesn't expect food or anything, it's very strange, very sweet.

Well I'm done with these lights for the night, maybe tomorrow I'll have further insight and get them nearing completion. Probably going to head upstairs and install my dance lighting in the workshop, finish putting hangers on the ceiling for costume storage and then settle down with Guns, Germs, and Steel, a fantastic book to anyone who digs anthropology.

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pcp or sugar

It's hypnotic...

Sad news for the Axotol.

Getting my winter garden set up nicely, I'm hoping to set up another shelf and light so as to triple our capacity. Got a catalog for mushroom growing kits yesterday, got some winter projects lined up. Setting up a terrarium for my coffee plants, give them more room and humidity, try and get them growing. Would really like to move my pond tank into a smaller container, but I really hate to disturb everything. Just think it would be cooler to be in the space between the front two rooms and be viewable from both sides. I'm looking for mirrors, especially tiles, for use in my gardens if anyone has some old ones laying about.

Building up my workshop some more last night and today, more shelving and next another work bench. I'd really like to start building the furniture I need for the house soon. I really can't abide by most furniture I see, what I like is utterly unaffordable, so what else is left but to build my own.

Just launched a letter that aught make its way to Dale Pendell, inviting him to Starwood and requesting further correspondences. I'm giddy in anticipation.

Well stuff to do.