Oc ye nechca...

I gotta pretty little mouth underneath all the foaming.

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I have hobbies!
So I saw an ant running around and was thinking it'd be fun to feed it to one of my plants. It was too quick for the Venusian fly trap, but when I dropped it into the pitcher of my Sarracenia purea it couldn't get a grip on the sides, struggled a bit then turned around and tried to go down to escape, minutes later it was totally still, either dead or paralyzed!

<url="http://www.jstor.org/pss/2446558">When I looked into what caused this, I found this artical</url>, that says the rate of ant capture is .37% A THIRD of ONE PERCENT!!! That ant just curled up and died! I wonder could this plant be producing novel substances?

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I found a carpenter ant in my house the other day and spent an ungodly amount of time feeding it to the venus fly trap, FINALLY succeeded and was SO THRILLED.

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